First VisitEdit

Route 1 is a short route, without any trainers at all. First I reccomend you fight some pokemon in the grass to level up. Level 8 is good. If you have Charmander at level 7, you get Ember. Squirtle, Bubble while Bulbasaur, Leech Seed. Here is a list of the Pokemon found on Route 1.

Pidgey Normal/Flying type 55%

Rattatta Normal type 45%

If you want a HM Slave, which is basically a pokemon that uses HMs, I reccomend a Rattatta. If not, just train and continue. If you talk to the Man in the middle of this route, he will give you a Potion! Keep going up, and you should be in Varidian City. Go back and choose "Varidian City"