First Visit

Welcome to Pokemon Red! When you begin, you will be in your room. Leave it, leave your house and head up to Route 1. When you go there, Prof. Oak will stop you. He shows you to his lab, and you go in side. Next walk up to where your Rival (I'll call him Gary, the defalt name) is standing. You will have a brief conversation, and then you will be able to pick a Pokemon! You can choose the easiest, Squirtle, the intermediate one, Bulbasaur, or the challenging one, Charmander. I pick Squirtle. The choice is entirely yours. After you get your Pokemon, Gary will get the Pokemon that your starter is weak ageinst. And then he will battle you.


IF you picked Squirtle: Bulbasaur Grass/Poision Level 5: Tackle, Growl

IF you picked Bulbasaur: Charmander Fire Level 5: Scratch Growl

IF you picked Charmander: Squirtle Water Level 5: Tackle. Tail Whip.

Just use your main Tackle or Scratch attack. You will always get a level up after this fight, and don't worry if your Pokemon faints. You do not have to win this battle. The outcome is the same.

After that battle, you can exit the lab and head foward to Route 1. G o back to page selection and choose "Route 1"

After getting Oak's Parcel

After you get Oak's Parcel and come back to Pallet Town, Gary will be at the lab. Talk to Oak in his lab, and you will get the Pokedex to record data. You can now buy Pokeballs! You can now catch Pokemon! Now you can go to Varidian Forest. Go back to page selection and choose "Varidian City".